Openness refers to an individual with an active imagination, meaning that you always use your imagination for understanding. They tend to be open to new experiences and are interested in more things. Open people appreciate art and are always want to learn about new things or new ideas.

Someone who scores very low in this personality trait group tend to be less open to new experiences and prefer routine. Therefore, they would prefer to stay in their own shells and would onlylike to do things that they are familiar with.

An individual loving to travel to different parts of the word to learn about the history, eat the different foods and exposing themselves to unique experiences the culture has to offer. Someone who scores low in Openness would rather stay in their own hometown and enjoy everything their daily routine.

Openness Personality Traits List:

  • Imaginative
  • Creative
  • Adventurous¬†
  • personality_traits_list_opennessAbsorption
  • Artistic
  • Curiosity